Cats & Small Animals

Whether it’s your cuddly cat, fluffy rabbit, gorgeous guinea pig or friendly rat, Gem’s Play’N’Stay will pop in, once or twice a day to feed, water, clean out, play with and cuddle your pet in the comfort of their own home.

We feel it’s really important to keep your pets routine to as normal as possible. As disruptive and upsetting as it can be for your pets when you go away, it’s a much nicer experience all round when they’re in their own surroundings.

At the initial consultation we can sit down and discuss the individual needs for each pet so they are cared for in exactly the same way as if you were there.

We care for a variety of small pets from cats and rabbits to rats, fish, tortoises and chickens!

We realise it can be unnerving for a stranger to be coming into their home so we take our time and approach them with a soft and gentle manner.

If medication is needed then that is not a problem to administer as stress free as possible.

The visits are 20-30 minutes long and you can book either one or two a day, morning &/or evening.

You also have the added comfort of security for your home. We can turn lights on or off, open/close curtains and make sure the post isn’t piling up.

We can water any plants inside and out and if necessary make sure the bins go out on collection day.

20-30 minutes per visit : £10